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Showcase / Portfolio

We build to suit, generally using top notch frameworks to deliver Javascript applications for mobile, single page and complex user interfaces (UI) built on the most popular frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap (by Twitter), Material Design (by Google), Ionic and more

Grind Nation

Partnered to provide a multi-tenant membership management and class scheduling system that is a rich and dynamic experience to both gym owners and their members

Picture This

Social and picture sharing, this real time application provides a unique experience for parties, events and funerals for all devices and attendees

St. Louis Honor Flight

Lead technical initiative to provide a flight/travel management system for Veteran's - Day of Flight which enhanced/automated some business processes

The right tools for any job

We use AngularJS

We use React

We use MeanJS

We use Meteor

We use Ruby on Rails

We use Java

We use .NET

We use Elixir

We use Phoenix

We use Vim

We use Code

We use Atom

We use Sublime Text

We use Gulp

We use Webpack

We use HTML5

We use SASS

Standard Features

Our applications typically include hosts of features including configurable options, continuous integration and more

Responsive Layouts

Using flex design components change size based on the your display to deliver the content most effectively

Bootstrap UI or Material Design

We help you choose the right user interface for your audience, usually starting with robust solutions

Cross Platform

We utilize industry best practice so you can code, maintain and deliver to many platforms with minimal impact

Lazy load Assets

For larger applications, or applications that may grow we use lazy loading for assets

UI State Management

We use an advanced mechanizm to create well defined states that are easily maintained in your application

Great Build Tools

To lean out the build process and reduce time to deliver and time to market we use best in breed build tools

Mobile first approach

Our developers devlop for the platform that is most used. Traditionally, this was a web page though more often we are seeing mobile devices take the cake in both enterprise and consumer based applications. Our deliveries consist of the following

Other features and offers

We can utilize i18n internationalization methods to provide multi-lingual support throughout your application and meet the demand of other edge cases if needed

You decide what works best for you, we can work with you to determine the feasibility and cost for each feature up front or as we go. When we deliver our solution to you, it's yours backed by our 24/7 365 support model

We develop lean solutions that are flexible enough to meet your every demand

Starting is easy, contact us

Tech Phase, LLC.
4008 Hempstead Street
Saint Charles, MO 63301
P:(314) 703-8829